Meng’s Cougar 6×6 MRAP – Part 1

c1.jpgMeng’s 1/35 Cougar – impressive and imposing.  At $95 AUD its going to have to offer a lot to live up to that sort of price.  But one look in the huge box indicates that at first glance, the value is there.

As usual, Meng’s box art is fantastic, and the sturdy construction of the box itself is appreciated.




Construction starts with the undercarriage and its immediately obvious there is an impressive amount of detail in the kit. A lot of small parts really bring it to life and i’m looking forward to getting it to the weathering stage.

On the whole the instructions are mostly clear – and I do like the effort Meng put into their instructions in general.  The booklet style is much easier to deal with than the foldout spreadsheet style.c5.jpg

Rubber wheels on – the detail on them is nice – not sure if I like the way they sit yet though.  I guess I’ll see once there is actual weight sitting on them.c6.jpg

Time to paint up the interior before I can continue…

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