Italeri’s 1/32 F-35A Lightning II Part 1 – The kit

Living in Australia often makes getting hold of new kits a bit slow and difficult.  After contacting all of my local hobby shops, none of them could give me a solid date for when Italeri’s brand new 1/32 F-35 would arrive.  So I went to eBay and hit up a friendly German seller.  It’s only been a week (I can’t barely get Australia Post to get something from one state to another WITHIN Australia in a week) but this turned up today:


All I’m going to do with this post is show all the contents and give whatever basic thoughts I have on the kit.  I’ll be starting construction immediately, purely out of the box (as there are no aftermarket options available anyway) and in Australian markings.  I haven’t built an Italeri kit in over a decade, so I’m interested to see how it goes together.

Unfortunately somewhere between German and Australia, the packing box was opened, the kit was unsealed and the contents search.  This resulted in the decals and masks having some bends in them and a few parts broken off their sprues.  The most troubling of which is the canopy – more on that shortly.


Except for the two identical sprues that share a bag, all other sprues came individually wrapped. I was certainly grateful for that given how obviously kicked around the box was in transit.

Decals, other than for a few bends, look fine.  Its a low-vis scheme so nothing much to report here.20170501_200919.jpg

Photoetch has a small mark on it but that shouldn’t affect the final product.  I have to say, this is the thickest photoetch I’ve ever held.  That might be a good thing – I guess I’ll have to wait and see.


Now for the canopy.  It had detached from its sprue, which was worring.  But worse, It has a crack in it that reaches above the frame and into the area that will be unpainted.  I’ll have to deal with that somehow.  I may contact Italeri to see if I can get a replacement.20170501_201840.jpg20170501_201918.jpg

You’ll also notice that its not the most clear canopy, with some distortion as you look through it.  There is a what appears to be a very prominent seam line down the centre on the inside of the canopy, but it looks like that is actually supposed to be there.  Glad I checked that, as I’d usually just start sanding it away.


Some nice surface detail on the fuselage, though I wonder if its a bit too thick. I’ll have to look at my references – not that I can do much about it if its incorrect.


Cockpit detail is…. sparse.  Though I don’t think that’s necessarily unrealistic.


Again, not much detail in the cockpit tub.


Some nice detail in the wheel wells and weapons bays, but also some unsightly injector pin marks that I’ll need to deal with.


The seat looks to have some nice detail and when coupled with the photoetch it should look good.


So that’s what makes up the kit.  Overall I’m looking forward to putting this together so I’ll be jumping straight into construction and will provide regular updates.

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